Third experiment planned

Edison said you need a thousand experiments to get one working. I fear that. In our third experiment we want to take plastic and put it on the complete ceiling of a chamber. Plastic is good because it can get electrostatically charged very well. This experiment is a little bit dangerous. I first got to compute how many charge and energy we need. We then need a fuse which switches off at 10 more Watt to be safe for touching. Then we could start. I now interpret the Weltformel E = 4Pi kg / Coloumb * g that way that an electrostatic field generates an equivalent gravity field. So it is all said with electrostatic. So we should have at least an effect in the third experiment. Maybe our hairs go up.

Thinking it over

After two failed experiments I felt the urge to think things over. And I have concluded that I would turn around the equation for things getting better done. Usually I say it’s E = 4 Pi * g. But we can of course step back to forces, maybe this would get an experiment successful.

So the next time I wanna work with F(Q) / q = 4 Pi * F(G) / m. So if I wanna continue letting a cork fly, I would have to put 12 Coloumb per kilogramm into it. I’m thinking about how I could electrostatically charge it to that Coloumb.

Many Greetings

Yours Till

Second experiment failed

Hi everybody,

now I get to know what Edison meant by you need a thousand experiments to have one suceed. This time I created a plate capacity with whom I wanted to turn earth’s electrical field upside down. The electrical field strength of earth is roundabout 130 V/m so I hoped 45V and a distance of 21 centimetres between the plates would be good.



But again nothing happened, so I have to conclude that I’m fighting against earth charge which is 0.6 Megacoloumb and which is not featherable for me.

Now I’m thinking about the next experiment maybe something with rubbing. Wish me luck 🙂

Yours sincerly Till

Second experiment planned

Hi everybody,

with my pals Dami and Greg I have planned the second experiment. As I said we are building a capacity. Greg convinced me that the world calculus must be seen in vectors from down to up. So we have to do one plate of the capacity over the other. I first thought, there might be some east – west electrical field, but from the equation, especially anticipating a vector division, that doesn’t make sense. So the world calculus is Vector(E) = 4 Pi kg / Coloumb * Vector(g). So the gravity acceleration g and the electrical field strength E have the same direction.

So we will put three batteries together and use a fast reacting 4A fuse to secure the experiment. Between the plates there will be not that much charge exchanged that we got a short circuit. But if the two plates touch each other we would have a short circuit. Therefore we use the fuse. So I hope we get the plates as best fixed, in a distance of about 20cm. That would put up a electrical field strength that is higher than the 125 V / m of earth. So I hope the cork will then float or rise high.

Wish me luck 🙂

Yours sincerly


First experiment failed

image image

So the first experiment failed. We changed the magnetic field of earth but obviously the electrical field did not change, too. So if we got E = H * R, R is corresponding to H and if H becomes negative, R also changes into negative, so we don’t have any effect. What a pity. But surely we have disproven that magnetic hills is really a magnetic phenomena. At least it might be a electrical coherence. I plan a second experiment with two metal plates working as a capacity to be sure to turn around earth’s electrical field. Wish me luck.

Yours sincerly


The experiment on detail

Hi everybody,

First of all: Don’t do this at home! You will ruin my copyright and it is dangerous, too. Heavy current is nothing to be dealt with by non-engineers.

now I am able to describe the experiment in detail. We need an car battery with 40Ah and 12V. This battery will be connected to a switching power supply that delivers 70A DC. The switching power supply connects once again to a heavy current cable. Therefore we need at least 50 meters of heavy current cable. That cable will again be connected to the power supply so we have a circuit.

Then it is only a question of arrangement and direction. We take a plate of wood of one squaremeter. We begin to fix the cable one meter straight. Then we go in a half circle back to the beginning of the plate and attach another one meter straight but ten cm above the first. We repeat it unless the whole plate has eleven straight one meter cables all divided by ten cm.

Then we need some kind of launching pad. We take another two plates of wood, which have one squaremter either too. We let there be a distance of about 10 cm between and fasten them together so we have a kind of bin. This bin needs to be fastened too so it won’t leave the ground with zero gravity.

Then the experiment will start. We will put on 70A on the cable, put the launching pad about five cm away from the plate. The plate will be set so the charge is going from west to east exactly. All eleven cable pieces shoud tend to east. And then we take cork and throw it in the launching pad. The prediction is that it will return and will fly out the launching pad against the sun 🙂

The equations used, are the following:

R = rho * l / Querschnitt A

R = rho(Alu) * 50m / 50mm²
R = rho(Alu) m / mm²

R = 2.65 * 10^-2 Ohm

U = R * I = 2.65 * 10^-2 Ohm * 70 A = 1.8 V

So the cable has an cross-section A of 50mm². and the cable will be 50 meters long. The specific resistance of aluminum used is 2.65 * 10^-2 Ohm * mm² / m.

So we got to modify the power supply to change from 12V to 2V. That will be the task for Dami or Doc Greg because I can not modify a power supply. But then we will have 70A with 2V.

The magnetic field established will be:

my(0) = 4 * Pi * 10^-7

B = my(0) * I / 2Pi * d = 60 * 10^-6 T

d = 20cm

I = (60 * 10^-6 T / 4 * Pi * 10^ -7) * 2 * Pi * 2 * 10^-1 m

I = (600 / 4 Pi) * 2 * Pi * 2 * 10^-1 m
I = 600 * 10^-1
I = 60A

This means we need at least 60A to make a magnetic field in a distance of 20cm that is as big as the magnetic filed of the earth. So simply we would compensate the magnetic and electrical filed of the earth.

Yeah, I hope you wish us the best and again don’t try this at home, 70 Ampere are too much.



Calculus found, let’s make an experiment

Hi everybody,

I found now a good calculus: g * 4 Pi kg / C = E, which means that gravitional acceleration multiplied with 4 Pi kilogramm per Coloumb equals electrical field strength. Also gravity stands orthogonal on the electric field. So we propose an experiment, but let that us do, don’t do it at home because it’s somewhat risky.

We need 11 conductors, for each we need 60 Ampere. So we will use 11 car batteries they will give 60 Ampere with no problem. We put them 11 conductors with a distance between them of 10 cm one above the other. So we have at least the magnetic field balanced.

Therefore it’s important that you put the plus pole to east and the minus pole to west, as I suppose. Because we have electrons turning around the earth from east to west that create the magnetic field of the earth. So we need to put as much electrons in the opposite direction to balance that field.

The 11 conductors with 60 A each will give us that, because they create in a distance of 10 cm at least 60 microTesla what is the maximum for the earth field.

Then we will take two thick papers. They will lead our object on its antigravitional way. One paper we will put at 5 cm from the conductors and the other one 10 cm. So we have at least 60 micro Tesla in our path.

Then so the theoretical point of the experiment I will put a kork in to the path and I predict it will move upwards against the gravitional field of the earth although it is not charged.

We will make an YouTube video and keep you updated.

Wish Dami and me the best 🙂



My pal Damian and me

So, we have not started really yet, but I have a photo of my pal Damian, that I’m about to post here. I will post a photo of me, too. I’m the big blonde guy, while Damian is the fit black-haired guy.

Greetings and I will keep you updated.

Sincerly Yours


l2013-02-11 13.37.12OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Beginning with the project

I will hold up this blog in English, because everyone in the world should know on what I work. My scientific English is rather bad. I hope you will forgive me. 3 weeks ago I found the world calculus in German known as the “Weltformel”. The English translation theory of everything does not really fit for it’s no theory but a formula and calculus. The scientific world does not appreciate my work so I gotta invent something. The invention I propose is nothing less than making you float on earth. Zero Gravity on Earth! I will do this with my pal Damian and maybe my pal Doc Gregor will also help me.

The world calculus says that when mass and charge are constant you can change the gravity by changing the electrical field. In especially when you absorbe the electro magnetic field of our earth the object will float beacause then there is no gravity working either.

Have fun 🙂 We’re only fighting against the electro magnetic field of the earth 😉

Best wishes