Beginning with the project

I will hold up this blog in English, because everyone in the world should know on what I work. My scientific English is rather bad. I hope you will forgive me. 3 weeks ago I found the world calculus in German known as the “Weltformel”. The English translation theory of everything does not really fit for it’s no theory but a formula and calculus. The scientific world does not appreciate my work so I gotta invent something. The invention I propose is nothing less than making you float on earth. Zero Gravity on Earth! I will do this with my pal Damian and maybe my pal Doc Gregor will also help me.

The world calculus says that when mass and charge are constant you can change the gravity by changing the electrical field. In especially when you absorbe the electro magnetic field of our earth the object will float beacause then there is no gravity working either.

Have fun 🙂 We’re only fighting against the electro magnetic field of the earth 😉

Best wishes