Second experiment planned

Hi everybody,

with my pals Dami and Greg I have planned the second experiment. As I said we are building a capacity. Greg convinced me that the world calculus must be seen in vectors from down to up. So we have to do one plate of the capacity over the other. I first thought, there might be some east – west electrical field, but from the equation, especially anticipating a vector division, that doesn’t make sense. So the world calculus is Vector(E) = 4 Pi kg / Coloumb * Vector(g). So the gravity acceleration g and the electrical field strength E have the same direction.

So we will put three batteries together and use a fast reacting 4A fuse to secure the experiment. Between the plates there will be not that much charge exchanged that we got a short circuit. But if the two plates touch each other we would have a short circuit. Therefore we use the fuse. So I hope we get the plates as best fixed, in a distance of about 20cm. That would put up a electrical field strength that is higher than the 125 V / m of earth. So I hope the cork will then float or rise high.

Wish me luck 🙂

Yours sincerly