Calculus found, let’s make an experiment

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I found now a good calculus: g * 4 Pi kg / C = E, which means that gravitional acceleration multiplied with 4 Pi kilogramm per Coloumb equals electrical field strength. Also gravity stands orthogonal on the electric field. So we propose an experiment, but let that us do, don’t do it at home because it’s somewhat risky.

We need 11 conductors, for each we need 60 Ampere. So we will use 11 car batteries they will give 60 Ampere with no problem. We put them 11 conductors with a distance between them of 10 cm one above the other. So we have at least the magnetic field balanced.

Therefore it’s important that you put the plus pole to east and the minus pole to west, as I suppose. Because we have electrons turning around the earth from east to west that create the magnetic field of the earth. So we need to put as much electrons in the opposite direction to balance that field.

The 11 conductors with 60 A each will give us that, because they create in a distance of 10 cm at least 60 microTesla what is the maximum for the earth field.

Then we will take two thick papers. They will lead our object on its antigravitional way. One paper we will put at 5 cm from the conductors and the other one 10 cm. So we have at least 60 micro Tesla in our path.

Then so the theoretical point of the experiment I will put a kork in to the path and I predict it will move upwards against the gravitional field of the earth although it is not charged.

We will make an YouTube video and keep you updated.

Wish Dami and me the best 🙂



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